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Since our inception, Cay Research and Technologies has been totally focused on building strategic, quality service delivery.

A Woman Owned Small Busines (WOSB), Cay Research and Technologies helps customers capitalize on technology to improve mission execution, service delivery and cost efficiencies. We partner with our clients to define and implement innovative solutions that deliver rapid, sustainable and demonstrable results. We hit the ground running with dedicated teams serving the Intelligence & Defense, Healthcare, Justice & Homeland Security, Public, and Private Sectors.


Our Core Competencies include Software Development & Systems Integration, Infrastructure Optimization & Cloud Computing, Advanced Analytics and Secure Data Management. Within these disciplines, we employ a Agile DevOps approach to identify challenges, anticipate threats, innovate solutions, execute projects and deliver results.


At Cay, we provide opportunities for immediate results. We know your business moves at an incredibly fast pace and we match that intensity with our commitment to you. We offer thorough and timely solutions for everything from telecom costs to IT expenditures. We measure success through client satisfaction, and we know that with our expertise and competitive pricing we will build strong relationships with you and your business.  


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